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Trakatan is a way to be, to think, to create. Trakatan has embraced a philosophy and an approach to creativity that is about rediscovering the rich heritage and expertise of manual craftsmanship, over machine production. Countering the frantic pace of modern life by celebrating the value of time.

Buying a Trakatan bag means being a part of people’s lives. The lives of the people who work for this brand, skilled artisans who are passionate about what they do. And our valued suppliers around Italy who provide us with the superlative materials we use; another form of treasured know-how. Besides our artisans, there are also our suppliers from all over Italy who provide us the excellence and the quality of their products, their important know-how, a real and excellent made in Italy.

We believe in producing less, but better.

As contemporary artisans, we believe in one simple rule: the pleasure of doing things well and creating beautiful things for others to enjoy.

Quality is a question of time Time to think, to do research; time to design and test our products; time to tell the story of our creations. When we take the time we need, we know that we can create quality. And we believe that a truly sustainable approach is about choosing quality over quantity.



We think that the greenest products are high quality ones, built to last. We believe in producing less, but better. Our bags are destined to endure, and only get better with age, tracing their owner’s story. Enriched by experience, value is added. Thinking green, each bag is individually crafted from vegetable-tanned or vegetable-finished leather, from animals which are not killed for their skins. We use only cow and sheep hides sourced as a by-product of the food industry. All of the tanneries that supply us are in Italy, renowned worldwide for their high quality, state of the art technology, sustainability and ethical approach. The fabrics are from selected companies, also all based in Italy.