Operae 2017

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Operae 2017

3-5 November

Lingotto – Turin

Camp Design Gallery / Elena Salmistraro / Trakatan

Medusa – Lonesome cowboy Nando

Turritopsis Nutricula is a small jelly fish, more commonly known as the Immortal Jellyfish: it has the

unique ability to invert its own life cycle, and once reached adulthood, can transfer its cells back to

childhood, in a hypothetical perpetual regeneration. This small being was discovered by the team of marine zoologists led by Ferdinando Boero, a well-known researcher dedicated to the divulgation and safeguarding of marine ecosystems in Italy and abroad and also known for his unique friendship with the guitarist Frank Zappa, who dedicated him a song: Lonesome cowboy Nando.

Inspired by both the zoological and mythological Medusa (in Italian a jellyfish is a medusa), Elena

Salmistraro has conceived a hanging seat. Trakatan’s know-how in making handbags has made

possible an unusual approach to leather: the soft material is not used simply as way of upholstering an existing structure, but rather it becomes the medusa itself.


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