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1. What is the concept behind your creations? What is your brand philosophy?

Let time design your bag is our claim.

Personally I prefer a used bag to a new one. I don’t like “distressed” effects, I want the real thing. When you use objects they tell your story, where you’ve been. Only time can add the finishing touch of style to leather goods. And I believe that ecology is about making high quality products that last over time.

2. At CUPRA, we believe that luxury means high quality. Do you agree? What´s your idea of luxury?

Luxury means high quality. High quality means time. Time to do research, time to find the best materials, time to design, time to create, time to test, time to craft details that break new ground. When you take your time, the end result is a high quality product, a luxury product. Would you taste a cake that was baked for 10 minutes when you know the proper cooking time is 20 minutes? Time is the core value of craftsmanship.

3. At CUPRA, we believe in sophistication and craftmanship walking side by side. And you probably believe in that too. How does this combination work for you guys?

Our products are sophisticated because we do all our production in Italy, in the little TRAKATAN workshop in Turin. We select the finest tanned leathers, and pay the utmost attention to detail to all aspects, right down to the packaging: all these things are an essential part of a sophisticated, high quality product.
You’re right: sophistication and craftmanship should always walk side by side.

4. What have inspired you to create the CUPRA capsule collection?

In the future, we plan to curate a specific product line for CUPRA. At the moment we have customized some trakatan products for CUPRA.

5. What materials do you use in your creations? And which were used in the CUPRA capsule collection bags in particular?

We make leather goods so we are specialized in working with leather. For CUPRA we have introduced a technical material to lighten the biggest bag in the capsule collection.

6. What details would you highlight on the CUPRA capsule collection bags?

Take the leather, for example: in the TRAKATAN workshop we rub, crush and punch vegetable-tanned laminated copper leather. We don’t want leather that looks regular and monotonous, so we work with the material until we have something special and unique. And exclusively for CUPRA, we hand-engrave the leather with lines that incorporate the new automotive logo.

7. If you had to guess, name three things that a typical CUPRA person would carry inside these bags.

TRAKATAN products become friends for life: our customers put their lives in our bags. Every life is different, each of us is different, so each bag adapts to its owner. It’s about uniqueness. Our clients are independent in their choices, unique people, so it’s hard to come up with three things that a typical CUPRA person would carry inside these bags.

8. What kind of message do you think your products send when people carry them around?

Uniqueness, sophistication and quality. Our designs are unique, in that they don’t follow fashion but create their own style. The sophistication is in the details. With the passing of time, as the bag gets used, that’s when our customers really notice the quality. We make bags that are designed to last a lifetime, that improve over time and become a friend for life.

9. How do you think your brand and your products reflect the spirit of CUPRA?

TRAKATAN is to the fashion world what CUPRA is to the car world. Two young, growing companies, with great potential to offer high quality products to discerning customers who value quality and want unique products, regardless of brand – people with personality, who make independent choices and are not interested in passing fashions. TRAKATAN and CUPRA share the same values: uniqueness, sophistication and quality.